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Fault Tree Example

A Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) is based on Fault Tree and Event Tree methodology. Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and Event Tree Analysis (ETA) offers a structured way of analysing complex systems. The system can be a nuclear power plant, an aeroplane, a train or even a circuit board inside an electronic device.

Below is a fault tree modelled in RiskSpectrum:

The FTA and ETA methods are especially suited for systems with dependencies.

The fault tree and event tree analysis include both qualitative and quantitative results. The most well known results from the FTA and ETA are minimal cutsets and top event frequencies and probabilities. The results from the analyses can also be different types of ranking of the events included in the analyses, e.g. fractional contribution, risk increase factor (events with major importance for the results) etc.

See also our product website www.riskspectrum.com for more information about fault tree and event tree methodology with examples (click the Method-button).

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