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News September 2005

Helena Gustavsson is an employee of RELCON since September 1, 2005. Helena has been assigned to work in Risk Management projects within the Analysis Department at the RELCON Sundbyberg office. 

"I started my education at the Lund Institute of Technology studying computer and communications informatics. I later on focused on risk management and safety engineering.

I find risk management fascinating because it provides you with an overview both of the risk exposure of the organisation as a whole, and of how the different parts of the organisation interact and influence each other with regard to risk.

During my training, examples from risk assessments and safety culture implementations at nuclear power plants were often used in our analyses and this is how the nuclear industry caught my attention.

Having decided on that line of business, I decided I wanted to join the most successful team. RELCON is known for extensive competencies in risk management, especially in the nuclear industry, but is also active in many other lines of businesses. The company is also dedicated to research and to the development of risk management methodologies and tools."