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News March 2005


Michael Knochenhauer joins RELCON


RELCON is proud to announce that Michael Knochenhauer will join the company in April 2005. Here is his own words:


"In total I have worked in the PSA field for more than 20 years, i.e., since 1983. Over the years, I have worked both for the Swedish authorities and for all Swedish nuclear utilities. In addition, I have performed PSA related work also for the IAEA and for a customers in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The work has included project management, planning, review, method development and analysis, and has covered most of the various sub-activities of PSA. Much of the work has directly or indirectly dealt with issues related to the quality and relevance of PSA and of PSA results."


Michael has been appointed Manager of the Analysis Department at our offices in Solna, Sweden.

Michael's recruitment strengthens RELCON's position in the Risk Management field.