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Scandpower and RELCON join forces

Bjørn Inge Bakken, CEO Scandpower AS and Jerzy Grynblat, President Relcon Scandpower AB congratulates each other to the successful merger.

2 January 2007:

After several years of co-operation, Scandpower and RELCON have decided to merge. The new enterprise is a unique, world-class risk management consultancy company with activities and clients around the globe.

Scandpower has 150 employees and serves clients within the oil & gas, transport and energy industries with a full range of risk management services. The company has been growing steadily since it was established in 1971 and has offices in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim, Norway, as well as in Uppsala and Gothenburg, Sweden, in addition to Beijing, China, Dubai, UAE, and Houston, USA.

RELCON has 25 employees and is a market leader in risk and reliability analysis. The company provides consulting services, primarily to the nuclear industry. RELCON has also developed the world-leading RiskSpectrum software for risk and reliability analysis, which currently licensed for use at 47% of the nuclear power plants worldwide. It is also used by the aviation, transport, process and defence industries, among others, with more than 1,100 users in some 380 organisations in 42 countries. RELCON began operations in 1984 and has offices in Stockholm and Malmö, Sweden.

Scandpower’s operations in Sweden have been merged with RELCON to form Relcon Scandpower AB. The new company is now the most powerful risk management company in Sweden, with offices in the four largest cities: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Uppsala. Relcon Scandpower AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Scandpower AS, Norway.

According to Jerzy Grynblat, former president of RELCON, now president of Relcon Scandpower AB, and Bjørn Inge Bakken, CEO of the Scandpower group: “Joining forces means that the unique competence in both companies will be available to all our clients and that we will be able to provide even more efficient high-quality services to our customers.”

Jerzy Grynblat says: “RELCON has traditionally provided clients within the nuclear sector with probabilistic safety analysis, reliability studies and technical safety services. Relcon Scandpower will continue to serve these clients and will now offer increased capacity and a broader service portfolio, including HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) management systems, audits, and human factors expertise – which are services Scandpower provides to the nuclear industry.”

Bjørn Inge Bakken adds: “China is planning to build 30–40 new nuclear power plants in the coming years. The combination of our office in Beijing and extensive knowledge of the Chinese market with RELCON's experience of the nuclear sector and Risk Spectrum software makes China a very interesting market.”

We expect the merger between Scandpower and RELCON to benefit our existing clients in the oil & gas, transport and energy industries as well. As a consultancy company it is important for us to draw on our experience of different industries and to use it to improve the services we offer.

Most important – for our clients and for us – there will be business as usual. All ongoing activities will continue and you will meet the same people.

We look forward to serving the market and our clients with the best possible risk management services.

Bjørn Inge Bakken                              Jerzy Grynblat
CEO Scandpower AS                           President Relcon Scandpower AB